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Welcome to PayMyBill - Welcome to the future of bill-paying.

With PayMyBill you pay bills in three easy steps:

  1. - Enter your User ID and Password
  2. - Enter a payment amount and method
  3. - Complete your payment transaction

PayMyBill assures your security through its partnership with Verisign, Inc. as a certified "Verisign Secure Site". We respect and protect your privacy pursuant to our privacy policy statement and participation in the Better Business Bureau privacy seal program.

PayMyBill is a service and trade name of Online Resources, the preferred source for simple and practical payment management and electronic bill presentment and payment ("EBPP") solutions. Online Resources provides consumers an easy and secure way to pay their bills over the Internet. The provider of the goods or services benefits from the increased customer service, accelerated payments, and decreased billing and processing costs. Now, bill paying is "As easy as 1-2-3".sm

Online Resources can be reached at

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